Residential Services

Residential Services

GR Electrical is a team of 24/7 emergency electricians that provide residential electrical product installation and repair service in Melbourne. We understand how troublesome electrical outages can get; thus, we strive hard to keep our services as swift as possible, ensuring minimum hassle and maximum customer satisfaction. From every minute electrical repair to overall house wiring installation, we undertake and accomplish every job with utter professionalism. We have serviced both contemporary and traditional residential wiring system over our tenure so far, and we continue to augment our expertise by tackling challenging issues concerning residential electrical systems.

There are certain aspects to residential electrical system that only a professional can handle. At GR Electrical, we become your trusted, go-to authority when it comes to repair, maintenance or installation related to electrical or solar appliances/devices. We take care of your electrical appliances and make sure they give off maximum efficiency and negligible downtime. We repair and install a wide range of electrical products, like cabling, TV, CCTV, data and telephone cabling, exhaust fans and ceiling fans and much more. We also assist installation, repair and maintenance of home theaters, air conditioning wiring, smoke detectors, switch boards, circuit breakers and the likes –you name it.

Lighting is one of the essential parts of the residential premises. It plays a vital role in accentuating the interiors as well as exteriors up to a great extent. At Aussie Electrical and Solar, we have a team of lighting experts that not only engage in lighting repair and installation but also suggest suitable luminaries to complement your house interiors. Further, if you have got a garden area, we can help you light it up with waterproof lighting modules such that your garden gleams through the dark, at night, making a striking style statement. We use only quality-compliant lighting fixtures for adorning your residential spaces.

Residential Electrical Services Melbourne includes:

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