Commercial Services

Commercial Services

At GR Electrical, we take care of your commercial building premises, regarding electrical exigencies that crop up so that you can concentrate your energies and resources on your business rather than fixing the troublesome electrical breakdown. We provide qualified electricians at your disposal, ensuring 100% guaranteed same-day service for a wide array of electrical products and systems. You can seek our assistance for the following jobs.

Energy Efficient Light Installation:
Our commercial electrical contractors possess profound knowledge of lighting fixtures;  thereby, offering advice on choosing the best product for the application. Besides the installation of lighting modules, our commercial electricians are well-versed in carrying out the repair, replacement, and maintenance of the same.

Top-notch Presentation & Entertainment Solutions

If you are planning to set up a large LCD or high-quality home theatre system with speakers in every corner of the arena, you can trust GR Electrical and Solar for such jobs. We install entertainment equipment just the way you want, regardless of the size, make, or model of the given equipment.

Commercial Electrical services include :

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